Scaling Camera FOV correctly

I’ve been messing around trying to figure out a solution to this for way too long now. Basically, I’ve just got a simple 2D camera setup and trying to create the best orthographic view I can. (I might just scrap the idea at this point). The issue I’m running into is that I cannot get a fixed FOV while in Studio, as it scales based on the Y-axis of the actual game. I’ve provided some images to help visualize what I’m talking about.

I’m trying to get the camera to scale properly so that no matter what aspect ratio you’re in, you’ll be be locked to seeing the borders. I’m also trying to avoid ViewportFrames for the project, mainly because I don’t have too much experience with them, and I really don’t want to make a 2D fps game all in a viewport frame…

Any help is greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Why not scale the grey part around the area and have a fixed aspect ratio?
Also, there’s a vertical field of view as well as viewport size in the camera.

Scaling the border is out of the question because it’s used as a template for maps, so I know to what size I should resize them, I think it would be way easier to adjust the camera than adjust the size of the maps constantly…

I’m aware of viewportsize and the other fields of views, I’m just not sure where to begin on tackling the problem.

Since it seems like your aspect ratio is a fixed element, you have a choice of either removing the top of the image or adding to the sides of the image. Which do you prefer?

Adding to the sides definitely.

That would mean adding to the border, if I’m not mistaken.

in terms of size, yeah i’d probably have to make the borders thicker. But this is mainly just as a testing grounds, I have maps that have holes on the edges that players can fall to their death, so it’s better to add it to the sides so that players can see that the maps end.