Scaling down a rig messes up its bones when playing an animation

Hey, so I’m really stressing out.

I just had an animator make me some animations for a skinned mesh rig. It looks great, but when I scaled down the rig, the animation behaves totally different, and it stretches totally erratically.

Is there anything I can do to fix this that’s an easy solution? I have no idea what to do, the rig is way too giant to use without getting scaled down, I have no clue right now…

Any help is appreciated, thank you.


Scale down the model the rig is in, and I believe the rig is correctly reduced. Don’t touch the rig directly, as the vertices of a skinned mesh will stretch with it.

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I’m not sure I understand.

I tried resizing the rig model directly, all of the rig’s skinned meshes were inside the model.

I was using this video elsewhere, but it will work here too! This is a resized rat. There are no deformations in the rig because I resize the whole model at once (holding down shift while I resize).

Maybe you could show a video of it working vs broken and I could see better what issue you are having.

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So I tried what you suggested, but the same thing happened.

Here’s what the idle animation looks like when I make the rig smaller:

And this is the expected look (full sized):

It definitely looks weird. The Y axis (front to back) is not scaling at the same rate as everything else. I suspect the origins aren’t all the same, or the scaling has not been accepted. Both are required for a bug free Roblox skinned mesh

Do you have access to the blender file, or just the FBX file? It would be better for your relationship with the animator if they fixed it for you, but this looks solvable either way.

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So I actually don’t have the blender file, and my animator made the animations via the Studio plugin.

I could probably export the rig using a plugin to work in blender, but yeah I think right now we’re just redoing the animations, nobody really knows anything about how to do that.

I have the same issue, moment i scale down the custom to a smaller size, and play the animation it deforms, its like the rigs don’t scale correctly when making it smaller, even with holding down shift while resizing, hopefully a fix is out there!

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Also took it into blender made it the exact size i wanted it then reuploaded it, still did not work, this is driving me insane! hahah

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Blender and the default studio plugin isn’t really the best in my opinion. Blender is a little wonky with roblox, try hiring animators who use Moon Animation (another plugin) it is alot smoother and less glitchy rather than blender and the roblox studio plugin.

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Yeah, but with us already having the animations and rigs etc all done, we wanna see if their is a fix to this issue, hopefully there is, as would be a shame if we both have to re-do it all haha

Did you duplicate the rig out of the animation software, rescale it and then apply the animation? That might work.

Also if it’s a mesh you can rescale it on roblox studio itself.

That’s already been spoken about in this forum, does not work sadly

You said you scaled it in blender. Am I missing something?

Well the odd thing was the bones in the rig still appeared correctly when making a new animation, however the old animations became deformed. I was forced to having to get new animations done…

Unaware of there being a workaround. Really dumb.

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Yeah i’ve came to that also, that having to re-make the animations sadly, as the rig itself is perfectly fine, but for some crazy reason the animations is like NOPE, well, bad luck for us then bro, hope all works out for you!, if i ever find a workaround, i’ll let you know!

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what does your scaling look like in blender? A happy rig looks like this, with all parts and armatures having origins at 0,0,0:

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Yeah the Rig side of it all is fine, found out its the Animations that deform when the scaling happens.

@OuterspaceNemo We all have been having this issue please help ^

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