Scaling Humanoid Problem With Hair and Hats

When I scale a humanoid using the humanoid scaling properties:

-- Server Script
humanoid.BodyHeightScale.Value 	= 6
humanoid.BodyWidthScale.Value 	= 6
humanoid.BodyDepthScale.Value 	= 6
humanoid.HeadScale.Value 		= 6

Then, there is a problem with hair (and I believe hats) in which the LocalPlayer sees everything correctly, but other players see the hair in the wrong place. My guess is that this is a replication problem.

For example, in the screenshot below, Player1 is scaled up in size. For Player1 (left image) everything looks normal, but for Player2 (right image), the hair appears in the wrong place. The server also shows the hair in the correct place.

Repo File:
Repo Scaling Bug.rbxl (24.1 KB)

To Replicate in Studio:

  1. Open the repo file in Studio
  2. Test: Start: 2 Players
  3. You will see the bug displayed above.

[Update: added repo file]


Any idea on when this will be fixed? This is significantly impacting my game which uses scaling extensively. This was not a problem until the recent avatar scaling changes.

The bug below is also having an impact on my game: