Scaling ImageLabels and ImageButtons to fit well on screen

So I’ve ordered UI from somebody and I wanna know how to scale it properly to fit well. Because I don’t know how I would go about making it look good when it’s scaled. Also it’s “Scale” not “Offset” if you were going to think about that.

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are you asking how to make your UI on the top of your screen without a gap?

There are a lot of plugins to help with scaling it on different screen size

No so like. It fits on all devices since it isn’t offset, but it doesn’t look as good as the picture the UI Designer showed me it’s the same but doesn’t fit properly.

Can you show us some pictures of what you mean?

Preferably a picture of what the UI designer showed you and what you have right now.


This is the image. So when I use it on roblox it doesn’t fit well.

How does it look like on Roblox?

I’ll show you the screenshot! (30 chars)


I see your problem, you need to use “UIAspectRatioConstraint” to make it the same shape across all devices.

That’s how games keep perfect square UI’s on all devices, and the squares don’t appear stretched or shrunk.

As you can see, with UIAspectRatioConstraint I’ve gotten the UI to be the same shape across all devices.

Thanks for telling me! (30 chars)