Scaling not working on making UI's compatible?

So I have a UI, which uses scaling to position and size it. This should make it compatible for all devices, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The UI just goes to the left for some reason. Im not sure how to fix this, so thank you to anyone who helps me in advance.

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Hello there.
Did you try setting the Anchor Point property to 0.5 for both values?
That could fix the problem.

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Scale alone won’t make your UI look the same on all screens because it merely changes how your UI elements are being scaled relative to the screen. You will need to utilize AnchorPoint as well as UIConstraints to achieve this. You will find information about them on the dev hub.


I believe there is a plugin on getting the perfect position and size. It provides an automatic uiaspectratioconstraint tool, a scale tool (which converts offset to scale) and you can set the anchor point to (0.5,0.5) automatically.

I think this is it. Use this to find more detail, all credits to the owner of that post.