Scaling problem with a ScrollingFrame

Hey, so I’m trying to add a backbar for the little slider in the ScrollingFrame, however, one thing I’m noticing is that the backbar becomes significantly offset when the UI scales in size.

Here’s what’s happening:

Is this fixable?? Thanks :slight_smile:

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It looks to me that the backbar is already a little offsetted. Maybe this would be causing it. Btw nice gui!

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I’m not sure. I use Scale to position the back bar, and I keep it consistent with the anchor point and stuff to match the ScrollingFrame’s position. e.g: X anchor point is set to .5 for both.

I’ve never had this issue before…

And thanks! I appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:

Your making the screen smaller so it makes the frame smaller.

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Unfortunantly theScrollBarThickness doesnt have a scale option. This is why it seems to “offset” as it isnt scaling. You’ll have to set up a script to have it manually check screen size to adjust the ScrollBarThickness based on whatever relative scale you’d like to have for the rest of the UI.


Ah, that makes sense.

It seems very hard to do that however. :confused:

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