Scaling Rect for all screen sizes with script

Hello fellow programmers! Today I’m asking how to scale properly a Rect based on Screen size as I’m getting weird artifacts with a Rect in a smaller screen size and with that Rect fixed for smaller screen sizes, I’m getting a weird artifact for bigger sizes.

Fix for smaller sizes:

Fix for smaller sizes on bigger screen:

And the same thing viceversa, so that’s why I’m wondering what’s the formula to scale a Rect based on the absolute size of screen.

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Tried with this formula but didn’t work

local ViewportRatio = self.OriginalViewportSize / Value
local RatioedRect =
    self.OriginalRectSize.Min * ViewportRatio,
    self.OriginalRectSize.Max * ViewportRatio

self.Instance.SliceCenter = RatioedRect

I would recommend using this

I don’t want to constraint the size, I want the slicecenter to be re-caculated based on the screen size or image absolute size

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Bumping this topic as still haven’t found a formula