Scaling the city - How streets should be made?

Hello. I’m currently working on the Bus Simulator game and its terrain is of course a city. I’m doing it in Blender and my reference is real streets images, and there comes the problem.
The streets are about 7m wide and my question is: How much studs should they be in Roblox? I don’t want to answer “How many studs is X m”, I want your opinion how much studs should the city street have to fit with other things like cars and Robloxians.

The next problem I have is how tall should it be. If my ground is baseplate, how tall (studs) should be streets, pavements and buildings?

This is a kind of discussion topic, I’m asking Developers that have made city-maps, what scale do they use.

PS: I don’t know to put it here or in Development Discussion, If it should not be here, please tell me!

You could use the stud calculator

its very useful for the thing your doing.


But now the question is what scale should I use. It just converts meters to studs which I can do. I’m asking about scale that will fit in Roblox’ian. I just wanted to say “I don’t think it will fit in Roblox” but…

Yellow Block is 1:1 road
Red Block is my old bus size reference based on free model
Green Part is 1:1 bus (from real dimensions)

And it looks like it fit…should I try it?

maybe try expanding it a bit on the x unless you aren’t planning for people on those roads.

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Will try this calculator with 110% scale or 105%. But there is one problem, I installed it and I don’t see it anywhere in the Plugins tab.

hmm i have this problem too you have to save then close studio and then after that open it then it will have a box with it saying that the plugin been downloaded.

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I re-opened studio a lot of times and still nothing

hmm that’s odd try searching for the plugin in the toolbox instead of the website sometimes its laggy.

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I would start with a dummy. Make the bus big enough for your dummy(if players are to be allowed to go inside the bus). Then make your road big enough for your bus.

Scale is somewhat arbitrary and its up to you do decide what works best for you and the style of game you’re making.

You could go to a game that has a scale you like and take some screenshots, based on your character height(which you can measure), determine the scale that game is using by measuring various lengths based on your character size(in the screenshots)?

The plugin is broken. The author said that: [Broken :(] Studs Calculator - #47 by SteadyOn

sorry about that will one thing you could do is do what @Sir_Highness said

You could go with his way.