Scam and Advertisement messages in group walls seriously needs fixing

Currently all large groups with public group walls get spammed with scam links or advertisement to other games. This has been a problem ever since my game was released over a year ago and the bots posting these have been getting worst.


What I think should be done to help alleviate the problem:

  • Give group owners option to not allow links to get posted within the group wall.
    The only links that should be allowed are people sharing private servers or links to items that is a part of the group such as clothing, gamepasses, private server links for games owned by the group, ect.

  • Better filtering for duplicate copy paste messages. Maybe this should be an option that group owners can also enable that auto deletes messages that Roblox thinks is copy pasted

  • Give group owners the option to prevent new users from posting group wall messages, maybe even give the option for us to select how many hours or days they need to be in the group before being able to send messages?

These issues also happen for avatar shop items but it’s not as big of a deal as the group wall. Maybe a similar settings option can be placed for the avatar shop items if it’s easy to implement?