SCF - ARC-15 Rules

ARC-15: Roleplay Regulations

The contents of this document are supposed to inform the community of ARC-15 about the rules and regulations the moderation team have put in place to ensure that our game will be enjoyable for all that play it. Breaking these rules will result in a punishment by an in-game moderator of varying severity depending on the rule that is broken.


  1. Do randomly not kill on sight unless they are a member of a raiding hostile GoI or are a rioting Class-D, or if a termination request has been made in-game towards a certain person by authorized personnel.

  2. Do not flood the radio of your department or global channels. Follow the Roblox community standards while chatting. Keep all conversation PG-13 or appropriate for all audiences.

  3. Do not harass other players inside our games. This could mean you continuously do or say something that may upset them even after being asked to stop.

  4. Do not say anything to anyone that could be considered as trolling. Example: “Come get free robux!” Do not actively disrupt the duties of department or foundation personnel in a manner that may be of “trolling intent”.

  5. Do not advertise external groups, websites or anything like such inside our game. Minor department advertisements may have exceptions but do not go overboard.

  6. Discrimination towards anyone in any form is not allowed at any severity and will result in an immediate ban from our game.

  7. Making deals or transactions with other players inside or outside our games using content within our games, or other sites/communities is not permitted in any sense. Being caught doing so may result in severe punishment which will most likely be a ban.

  8. Revealing any personal information about anyone with or without malicious intent will result in an immediate ban from our game and everything related to such, (group, etc.)

  9. Using clients that will either alter your game client, other clients or the server in any way is not permitted. Exploiting in-game bugs to an advantage or not reporting them to Moderation Staff for them to be fixed is not permitted. Please report any bugs you find if you find them.

  10. Breaching SCPs and moving them into a spawn location where it would make the team that spawns there incapable of spawning, being spawn killed, or difficult to leave is not permitted and result in an immediate ban. This includes breaching SCPs and moving them into the Class-D Cell Zone.

Moderation Team

The moderation team consists of experienced and trustworthy moderators who are active in keeping the game safe for any and all members of the community, and ensure that all activities remain fun. If you have any issues, or would like to report something; you can contact them in-game via the !help command.


“Purge” @Purgetorial | The Administrator | Founder and Owner

ARC-15 Moderation Team | In-game Moderators