School Bus Simulator 22 - April 30th 2022

Version 2.5 has been finally released on school bus simulator 22. In this thread you are able to find all the information about the new update.

New Buses: The 2022 Bluebird Vision and 2005 Thomas FS-65 has been added to the game!

New Settings Option: Our settings UI has been completely redone with smooth animations. We have also added a new option which you can now disable shadows! (More Settings in the future.)

  • Streetlight noises once you hit them are local.
  • Vehicle UI scaling issues have been resolved.
  • Now if you write on the chat and press R the radio UI won’t open.
  • The back stop sign on Blue Bird Vision now works.

ItsFrensi - Founder
BionicTea - Graphic/UI Designer
CuboGamer99 - Programmer
7ZLI2 - Builder and 3D modeler
Stylxus - Programmer/Builder

Game Link: [HUGE UPDATE!] School Bus Simulator 22 [BETA] - Roblox