School Bus Simulator 22 - December 16th 2022

Version 3.4 has been officially released on school bus simulator 22. In the following thread you can see all the important information about the update.

Season 4: Season 4 has just dropped, in time for the winter snow! Earn levels to get exclusive rewards such as money, new tags, tires, surfboards and a brand new magic carpet!

Christmas Event: Santa is in need of some serious help, find him and complete his missions in order to receive some special prizes!

Christmas Decorations: The map has been updated with snow, and now has different Christmas decorations scattered around the map for the holiday season.

New Bus: We’ve added a brand new bus named “Marble-Benz 2022 Sprinter” based of Europe.

Crossing Arms: Crossing arms are a new addition to the game, players will now be able to equip them onto their buses from the customization menu! Not every bus is compatible at the ever minute, however most will be within the future!

Airdrops: Airdrops will now fall from the sky and drop at different locations around the map! Collect these airdrops to complete your Christmas mission (must speak to Santa first), otherwise simply collect them for money!

Bus Wheels: Three new bus wheels have been added to the game for customization only available on winter period!

  • Fixed tools UI, they should no longer glitch once you use your tool
  • Working loading screen

ItsFrensi - Founder
Keyoog - Builder and 3D modeler
Orgrax - Builder and 3D modeler
CuboGamer99 - Programmer
BionicTea - Graphic/UI Designer
uladygaga - Community Manager
Turbine - Media Team

Game Link: School Bus Simulator 22 [BETA] - Roblox