School Bus Simulator 23 - April 9th 2023

Version 3.7 has been officially released on school bus simulator 23. In the following thread you can see all the important information about the update.

Railway: We’ve added a railway system with train tracks/ tunnels and crossings!

Gameplay Settings: There are 2 brand new settings! Auto Reds/Yellows and Manual Gear. If you have enabled Auto Reds/Yellows when you arrive on a bus stop you are able to open your doors and everything else is done automatically! If you enable Manual Gear you will be able to change gears of your bus by yourself! To find those 2 new settings open the settings ui and scroll down to the gameplay section.

Easter Event: It’s easter! The bunny is back on school bus simulator 23. Talk to him and try to find his lost eggs. The eggs are scattered around the map, find them and get 2 easter themed surfboards, a badge and 5k in-game money.

Notification System: We have added a brand new notification system in-game, when you complete the easter event you will see a notification pop up on the left of your screen. We are experimenting with this system so expect changes. In the future we will add all the notifications to be the same system as this.

Dirt Particles: When you drive with your vehicle on grass terrain you will be able to see dirt particiles behind the vehicle. We are experimenting with this system so expect changes in the near future.

  • Fixed weird UI scales.
  • Fixed 2000 AmTran 3800 roof issue.
  • Fixed 2022 Micro-Bird G5 crossing arm.
  • Fixed season 5 surfboards.
  • Fixed vip commands.

ItsFrensi - Founder
Keyoog - Builder and 3D modeler
Orgrax - Builder and 3D modeler
CuboGamer99 - Programmer
uladygaga - Community Manager
Turbine - Media Team
ct28 - Media Team

Game Link: School Bus Simulator 23 [BETA] - Roblox