School Bus Simulator 23 - October 5th 2023

Version 4.3 has been officially released on school bus simulator 23. In the following thread you can see all the important information about the update.

Driving Camera: We are excited to introduce 2 new game changing features. Camera shake and camera zoom. While you accelerate your camera will zoom out and when you slow down it will zoom in. The camera shake will occur when you drive on broken roads. Both of those settings can be disabled on the settings UI,

Weather Improvements: We have dramatically improved the weather system. With brand new lighting, sounds, particles and clouds.

New Wheels: There is 2 brand news. We have replaced the stock wheel with a brand new one and we also added a new wheel called (P - Wheel 11)

New Buildings: We have replaced some old buildings around the downtown and beach area with brand new ones.

  • Fixed police bus.
  • Fixed 2015 BlueDuck Vision Shorty steering wheel & rubrails.
  • Fixed tools not working on some vehicles.
  • Fixed shop price.
  • Fixed map gaps.
  • Fixed passenger seats on some vehicles.
  • Fixed 2005 BlueDuck Vision rubrails & crossing arm.
  • Fixed & Meshed BlueDuck T3RE.
  • Optimizations.

ItsFrensi - Founder
Orgrax - Builder and 3D modeler
Keyoog - Builder and 3D modeler
CuboGamer99 - Programmer
Turbine - Media Team
ct28 - Media Team

Game Link: School Bus Simulator 23 [BETA] - Roblox