School Bus Simulator 23 - September 15th 2023

Version 4.2 has been officially released on school bus simulator 23. In the following thread you can see all the important information about the update.

Drive-in Cinema: We’ve added a drive-in cinema on the new area of the map with working videos, make sure to check it out!

Toll Booths: Now there are tolls on the highway which cost 10$ in-game money.

New Setting: We have added a brand new setting called “Custom Time”. When you enable it you are able to set a custom time you want.

Map Changes: You can now locate around the map working wind turbines, we have also changed the old traffic lights with brand new and improved ones.

New Vehicle: We have release one brand new vehicle, the prison bus! The prison bus can be found on the police team for free. Keep in mind you need the police pass to become a police officer.

Police Changes: We’ve made a couple of changes to the police team. Vehicles should feel better and all the police vehicle lights have been fixed, in addition to that, we also added UI for mobile players to open and close turning signals and more.

  • Fixed reverse lights on police cars.
  • Fixed police vehicle lights.
  • Fixed/Improved some UI.
  • Fixed customization button when you disable gas/damage.
  • Fixed fog light button on page 2.
  • Fixed police car vehicle seat.
  • Fixed route npcs.

ItsFrensi - Founder
Orgrax - Builder and 3D modeler
Keyoog - Builder and 3D modeler
CuboGamer99 - Programmer
Turbine - Media Team
ct28 - Media Team

Game Link: School Bus Simulator 23 [BETA] - Roblox