School Bus Simulator 24 - February 11th 2024

Version 4.7 has been officially released on school bus simulator 23. In the following thread you can see all the important information about the update.

Downtown Improvemtns: We didn’t just give it a makeover, we threw a whole new wardrobe on it! Explore the revamped downtown, now featuring snazzier buildings and extra narrow lanes for that urban maze experience.

VIP Improvemtns: Our VIP users are in for a treat! Enjoy exclusive VIP commands tailored just for you, and be on the lookout for more VIP goodies. Plus, introducing the fantiac - the VIP vehicle that turns heads!

Subscriptions: Get your monthly dose of in-game riches, exclusive access to the subscriber-only server, and say goodbye to gas-guzzling – all with our subscription service. It’s like a backstage pass, but for gaming!

UI Improvemtns: We’ve waved our wand over the user interface, making it smoother, sexier, and just downright better. Your gaming experience just got a makeover.

Vehicle Features: Bus owners can now channel their inner daredevil by standing on their buses without fear of gravity! And just in case it rains, we’ve added windshield wipers to keep your view crystal clear.

New School: A shiny new Elementary School has popped up in the game, ready to educate and entertain. Because even virtual citizens need to learn their ABCs!

New Routes: Explore the city like never before with the introduction of fresh routes - A07, B04, B05, C04. Get ready for a journey full of surprises!

Train Station: Right next to downtown, there’s a spanking new train station waiting for you. Hop on board and let the adventures roll!

  • Fixed bus wash.
  • Fixed UI errors.
  • Performance fixes.
  • All vehicles can be previewed.

ItsFrensi - Founder
Cubo1ndev - Scripter
Orgrax - Builder and 3D modeler
Keyoog - Builder and 3D modeler
Turbine - Media Team
ct28 - Media Team

Game Link: School Bus Simulator 23 [BETA] - Roblox

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