[school bus simulator] In-Game Guidelines

Disruptive Behavour

Disruptive behavior is classified as doing anything that would interrupt anyone’s experience. Disruptive behavior is classified as but is not limited to:

1.) Screaming (caps abuse)
2.) Trolling.
**3.) glitch under map **
4.) Violent roleplay (hitting, kicking, etc.)
5.) Spamming.
6.) “Ditching” classes or not being there without a valid excuse.
7.) Bypassing the filter is not permitted, and will result in an instant kick then server ban if continued.
8.) Wearing bypassed clothing will result in an instant server ban (or permanent ban shall it be heavily inappropriate).

Abusing Products and Mechanics

The products we sell or game mechanics we provide have their limitations, and you are required to follow the following rules:

1.) Do not play bypassed audios in your boombox. An audio is considered bypassed should it contain: Earbleed music, swearing, fire alarms, or anything that would violate Roblox’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

2.) Do not put inappropriate images on anything that allows you to put an image on.


Abusing game glitches and bugs with harmful intent or using any cheating software, etc is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban from our games and a report to Roblox.


All assets in-game belong to school bus simulator. Stealing our assets (scripts, maps, etc.) or downloading them is not permitted. Shall you be caught utilizing the stolen assets for your group/games, it will be removed and you will potentially face an account termination on Roblox.


An individual getting other people to join the game in order to disrupt the environment is considered raiding. Participating in a raid or hosting one will result in an instant permanent ban.


Roblox’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines will be enforced at our games.

Other Information

Any protector, the owner and admin , or Head of Terms of Service reserves the right to add or modify the rules at any time.

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