School chair - Roblox: "The Judgement"

Hello, everyone.

I present to you the school chair for my upcoming game, “The Judgement.”
Please let me know what you think of it.

Thank you.


It has a TON of polygons, right click on it and click “shade smooth” in blender. Don’t just subdivide.

Looks cool, but I would suggest retexturing the book covers, the pebble material doesn’t really fit with the rest of the build. Otherwise, quite a good build!

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The polygon count isn’t that bad actually! I don’t want to shade smooth because at times, shade smooth messes up shadow quality.

Got it! Thanks for your comment!

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Looks… Really good actually. Keep up the good work. This game seems really interested…

Mind sharing what it’s about?

Not to advertise, but here’s our discord link! You can find lots more there!

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Most of the time auto smoothing fixes those shade smooth shadow glitches

what is auto smoothing and where do I access it?

Follow these pictures


You can change the angle up higher for smoother vertices if you wish.

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if only I had known this earlier O_O

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