School of Flop | Official Handbook

:closed_book: School of Flop | Official Handbook

:wave: Hello, and welcome to School of Flop’s Official Handbook! Here, we explain how the school works, live classes, ranks and much more!

:exclamation:All members are expected to read this handbook, do not send in questions stated here to our Representatives.

What is School of Flop?

  • School of Flop is a meme-culture school that is directed towards educating users on a specific community in the popular social media network, TikTok, known as FlopTok.
  • Make sure not to take everything you see in the school seriously, they’re all meant to be seen in humorous purposes.

:warning: Alert regarding queries

We would like to announce that School of Flop will temporarily not have a dedicated representative to answer queries. Please message them to the Principal instead, through their profile.


:smiling_face: The below will show rules that are expected to be followed in our associated games and on our group wall!

1. Do not be disrespectful, use racial slurs or bypass.

  • As this is Roblox, we seek your understanding that such foul language can not only get you banned for disrespecting school staffs/students/icons, but it can also risk you getting banned off Roblox.

2. Da Boyz language is prohibited outside of Live Classes.

  • We prohibit Da Boyz language being spoken (see Classroom 1 - Basic Classes for examples) outside of Live Classes, where if there was a lesson being taught about spying on Da Boyz. You can get banned if caught doing so.

3. No spamming, scamming or self-promoting in school campus, or in the group wall.

  • Please keep all discussions in classes on-topic. We can see your message the first time, so there’s no need to spam. Likewise, promoting scams or your services under our group would result in a temporary ban.
Offence System

:x: This will show the system for offences regarding breaking the rules, and how many of those rule offences will result in a punishment.

:shock: Do note that if you have offences but from different rule violations, we will pick the most serious punishment.

Rule 1 Offences

1st offence - Warning.
2nd offence - Kick/Temporary ban up to 3 days.
3rd offence - Temporary ban up to a week.
4th offence - Permanent ban + exile from group.

Rule 2 Offences

1st and 2nd offences - Warning.
3rd offence - Server ban/deletion of posts.
4th offence - Temporary ban for up to 3 days.
5th offence and beyond - Temporary ban for up to a week

Rule 3 Offences

1st offence - Warning.
2nd offence - Temporary ban for up to a day.
3rd offence - Temporary ban for up to 3 days.
4th offence - Temporary ban for up to a week.
5th offence - Permanent ban + exile from group.

:repeat: Offences reset every 2 months. Offence resetting will not reset permanent bans.


:sparkles: The below will explain all the group ranks, their purposes, and how they can be achieved.

:busts_in_silhouette: Guests

  • Players who did not join the group. These users are often newcomers to the School. If you know your way around, do make sure to guide guests around the campus!

:student: Normal Members

:orange_book: Students

  • This will be the first rank that users will receive when they join the group, also certifying you as an official student, therefore having full rights to access the campus unless stated otherwise.

:heart_eyes: Notable

  • This rank will be rewarded to you when your extensive work has helped a lot in the game’s development, like regularly testing and giving feedbacks, helping advertise the game etc.
  • This rank would also be given to staffs that stepped down, and are recognised for their hard work.

:nail_care: Staffs

:teacher: Teachers

  • Our first line of staffs that are in-charge of helping run the school! Teachers are able to host live-classes, and moderate the game to make sure school rules are being followed.

:hammer: Admins

:technologist: Developers

  • This rank is awarded to users who are entrusted to help carry out updates to the game and fix bugs! They are hardworking staffs who work behind the scenes to provide the best user experience!

:woman: Representatives

  • This rank is reserved for users who are in-charge of answering your queries about the School! If you have any questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to message them on Roblox!

:pen: Vice-Principal

  • User(s) in this rank have shown an extensive amount of dedication to the School, and have proven themselves responsible to take up the role of helping the Principal with matters around the game.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Principal

  • The highest rank in the group. This rank is reserved to the Group Owner, and are overseeing/managing all operations in the school.
Live Classes

:thinking: The below will explain more on what exactly are Live Classes.

So, what’s a Live Class?

  • If you have not observed before, there is a room in the campus that is reserved for Live Classes. These classrooms can be used by Teachers to teach Students live.
  • When a class ends, you are eligible to receive a badge for completing the class!

How do I attend a Live Class?

  • As Live Classes would require a Teacher on site, you will have to wait for a Teacher to join the game and announce so. Normally, we will give players ample time to prepare for these classes.

Procedures for a Live Class:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: 1-2 days before:

  • A teacher or someone with a higher rank will announce about the Live Class through the group shout, as well as the time and date.

:clock10: ~5-10 minutes before:

  • The teacher will join the main game and open the Live Classes classroom. Players are able to enter and take a seat, while waiting for the class to begin.

:dash: Class time!

  • The teacher will lock the class doors and begin teaching. Latecomers are unable to enter the class if they were late.
  • Teachers will, however, teleport you to the Live Class if you rejoined or got disconnected from the class. You must join back within 5 minutes or this will not apply.

:school: After classtime (usually around 10-20 minutes)

  • The teacher will teleport all students outside the class, and people who did not receive the Live Class badge will now achieve it.

:question: The below will show a list of questions that are frequently asked by our members:

Q: How will I get the rank Notable? Must I message someone?
A: There is no need to message anyone in the group. If you are truly dedicated to helping our group, you will be noticed!

Q: Can I get a rank higher than Notable, like Teacher?
A: At the moment, there is no possible way. Considering that the group is currently a small community, we will be considering opening applications to those ranks, when our playerbase grows.

Q: I found a bug, or I have a cool suggestion! Where should I go?
A: For minor bugs and suggestions, please post them on the group wall. For major bugs that breaks tools or some parts of the map etc, please message the Representative.

Q: I got banned! Is there any way to appeal for this?
A: Your ban message should state clearly why you were banned. Please refer to the Offence System section. All appeals should be directed towards our Representatives.

For permanent bans, we are only accepting appeals for false bans. For valid bans regarding rule violations, we will NOT be accepting those appeals for the time being, nor will we be accepting valid temporary bans.


:grin: The below will show a list of links that are associated to us!

Our official group.
Our official game.
Our Principal’s profile.


:clap: The School of Flop Board Committee will like to personally thank the following players for their help in the Development of School of Flop!

:rose: Deb0rahAliWilliams

— Principal, overseer in Development, game art, written the handbook.

:hibiscus: SchoolofFlopsTester

— Main developer, bug tester

As well as any other individuals who has worked with us in our development, whether big or small!