Sci-fi blender guns

I made these guns on blender as concepts for a game called Starscape made by ZolarKeth, feedback appreciated.

CTM-01 Assault Rifle.
The CTM-01 is a medium ranged gun whit decent damage and firerate.

CTMR-51 Submachine Gun.
The CTMR-51 is a short ranged weapon whit great firerate but low damage designed for rush attacks.

CMR-97 Sniper Rifle.
The CMR-97 is a weapon whit an integrated scope designed to deal high damage in a single shot from a far distance whit a long cooldown

CRM-30 Shotgun
The CRM-30 is a short ranged weapon that shoots 6 plasma bullets that spread the fartest they go, each dealing a decent ammount of damage

Size comparision (bad quality because the render is too heavy lmao)


Woah! These are probably some of the coolest sci-fi weapon models I’ve seen in years, and I’m not being dramatic. If you don’t mind me asking, how long did these take? I’d imagine many hours.

I can’t wait to see these in-game!

(No feedback just because I think you’re much more experienced at modelling than I am.)

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Thanks for you’r opinion!, it usually takes me 1 day to finish a single model and another day to texture em all, so in total it took me around 5 days to finish every gun.

Sci-Fi? Guns?? I don’t need more!

Cool concepts! I hope you can rig and use them :smiley:

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Those a really cool designs however it would look really cool with reloading and shooting animation script lol Your very talented

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Where is the other end of the scope? There’s no hole.

Where is the barrel?

They look very cool! Funny thing, while looking at the last picture, I realized that they kinda look like some robotic fish things!

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I can’t add any other details or else it will pass the 10k polygons roblox meshes permirts