Sci-Fi build feedback! [LIGHTING QUESTION AS WELL]

Spent about 1 1/2 hours building this:

feedback appreciated! :grin:

Also a question about the lighting, it currently doesn’t look that realistic at all and doesn’t really make the lights glow that much, how would I make it more “sci-fi” and realistic?


Well done! I love the atmosphere this gives off. My only issue is how bright it is. It looks to be 1, but i think .85 or .875 would make it look magnificent. Neon is a very difficult material to work with, because it tricks our eyes into thinking the room is lit, when it gives off no lighting. This is the crux of your lighting issue. It looks like your neon doesn’t have any light items inside of it (correct me if I’m wrong on that) which you can fix by using PointLight , Spotlight , or SurfaceLight . Putting each of them into the parts individually would make your build look awful. What you should do instead is put dim, invisible parts near every other panel. I think that’d work. Hope this helps!


Use lots of point lights throughout the room and make it night time.

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Thanks for the tip, I didn’t put any lights near or in the neon strips, I thought they would project enough light. Also, I did use a 1 in lightning :smile:

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Not sure if you’ll find this useful but this is my neon initializer code; I had it handy and hopefully it can save you a few minutes if you don’t have a plugin already for adding pointlights to neon material parts :slight_smile:

Awesome build btw, thanks for sharing <3

local entireList = workspace:GetDescendants()

for i, v in pairs(entireList) do

--material checker
	if v:IsA("Part") or v:IsA("MeshPart") then
		if v.Material == Enum.Material.Neon then

--light settings
			local surfaceLight ="PointLight")
			surfaceLight.Range = 16
			surfaceLight.Brightness = .5
			surfaceLight.Color = v.Color
			surfaceLight.Parent = v


For the realism aspect, I recommend turning on the future lighting technology if you don’t have it on already. Anyway great build. Keep up the good work!