Sci-Fi Galactic Cafe Showcase

Hey guys, I would like to ask for feedback on this build I have made. It’s a galactic cafe, combining the futuristic(kind of) style with the star wars universe. Thanks!
All feedback is appreciated. This is being made for a customer, and I want them to be very pleased with the build.
NOTE: Apologies for the bad graphics.

Also, is there any things I can do to improve the lighting?


Overall, is is great, especially that big robot thing on this picture:

But you need to improve the lighting on the symbols or signs on the pictures because those look bright then normal



The build looks really cool however it doesnt really look like a cafe. It seems to me as more of a movie theatre/stage. All in all, the build still looks great and I’m sure your customer will love it.

Can we see the interior of the build or is it an exterior building only?

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Havent done the interior yet, but when I do feedback will come for that :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys for all the help! Feedback is still wanted!

I am working on the interior now. @Abysmallow

I don’t really see anything to improve here! It’s great!

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Thankyou! Appreciated!
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