Sci-Fi Grenade / Textured in Substance Painter

Hey There,

Haven’t posted here in a while? Well, I created a Grenade as a Low Poly Mesh then made a High Poly mesh and baked it on to the mesh map! This weapon was textured in Substance Painter with PBR Materials and Hand Painted Text.


*Note: Please let me know if twitter links are allowed on here :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening in!


wow it is amazing.keep up the good work it is allowed

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If you want to go for a sci-fi grenade i would go for the plasma grenade cause this looks like a normal frag

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It looked sci-fi to me, but I completely agree. Thanks for the feedback.

I like it, but it does not look sci-fi. Also since the top part is so dirty I would recommend adding more details to the other parts. Lastly, is this baked high poly to low poly? I notice some weird artifacts on the grenade.