Sci-fi Knife/Sword Thing

Uh hello i wanted to showcase my creation that I made in few minutes.

What do you think?


Wow. That only took you a few minutes? It would take me multiple hours because I’m trash at using blender. It kinda reminds me of the knife out of subnautica Don’t know why lol, or even the sword out of halo.

Anyway, That looks great keep up the good development!

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That’s definitely a creative sword. I recommend adding more details as you progress more with the sword, but overall nice job.


looks like an extended boomerang mixed with a halo energy sword.
Not to sure what to say, keep up the good work.

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It was originally part of my scifi sword(not this), i turned made some material changes to it and boom, here is this sword.

that took you a few minutes? it would take me hours because of the shape… i’m too lazy to look at the tutorials lol.
Great job!

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The shape wasnt that complex, i used mirror modifier so it was not so hard.

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What version are you? I’m 2.91

I use 2.91 too. I havent really seen a big difference with 2.82 and this version, but I don’t know I use this version for avoiding any problem.

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Well, I think you’re really good, keep it up!

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Good job. Did you use boolean for this or did you extrude to get that shape?

I used mirror modifier to make that shape. Firstly I created a plane then knife cutted according to the half of the reference image, added mirror modifier. Then did some bevel and boom this is it.

You might want to change the inner shape of the blade if you’re uploading it to Roblox…

What do you mean? The shape looks alright.

Alright, nevermind then. Keep up the good work.