Sci-Fi Minigame Ideas

I am working on an incredibly big Sci-Fi RPG.

While the game offers many activities, such as fighting, exploration, working, training, the starting place is more of a hangout-RP type.

In this starting place there is a special lounge, where players can spend in-game currency, to enjoy minigames.

I already made a billiard (8 pool) as one of the games, so I’m looking for more game ideas.

Must Have Criteria:
The game must be turn-based, to prevent lag issues.

Optional Criteria:
The game should fit into a cool club atmosphere, like Billiard does. So for example golf won’t fit in very well.

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Maybe add a laser tag arena as an addition to the hangout spot.

There is already a shooting range and a melee arena in a separate section. Now I’m specifically looking for lounge chill games.

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Perhaps a rhythm game could fit in well here - just look at Splatoon 2 with their rhythm game in the lobby! Or you could do something like Tetris or pong. Remember it has to be timeless.