Sci-fi Post-apocalypse Robots (from film 9)

Ive built a replica of the Battle Robots from the Film “9”

  • What is the Film about?
    Briefly, a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi film about a war between humanity and the machines that they created. The machines went against the people. One scientist gave parts of his soul to give life to small “rigs”, each with a number. They fight against the machines… i really recommend the film

  • Anyways, thank you for reading, feel free to tell me if i can improve my robot in some way

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Holy cow! This is incredible! It doesn’t even look like ROBLOX! For me, I think you did a fantastic job!

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Love the build but I think their eye’s are too bright. Other then that, outstanding work!

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True, i might need to remove the bloom from the lighting!
Thanks for the feedback everyone!