Sci-Fi Railgun Model Showcase

I recently modeled a railgun and wanted to showcase it.
I made it in blender 2.90.
It has 248,420 Verts and 493,549 Tris.

(Rendered in blender cycles)
Here are the pictures:

Any type of feedback and critique is accepted.


I am not a Blender Modeler myself, but thats Roblox? I can’t tell! I’d say this is a very realistic and detailed railgun in my view. Great job!


No that is not roblox.
That is rendered in blender

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This looks really nice!

I think that this can be the next sci-fi gun for Arsenal or the next gun update for the Call Of Duty update.

Good job!


Did you make the textures on blender?
Because it is insane ! The scrashes, the decals…everything is perfect.

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I love it! The only thing I think would make it better would be for the pellets to maybe have like a light in the glass that is shaped like DNA:

(Got from the internet)

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The textures are all around amazing. Consider yourself a blender texture master.

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