Sci Fi robot Drone

Soooo, hey I made this low poly robot drone and want some feedback I like it but it definitely needs something just not sure what so if you can help me that would be great!

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Cool drone! I voted as Good instead of great for two reasons:

  1. The center red-cameras are off-center. This might be your design choice, but I personally would prefer if they both were centered (with the smaller one the same distance apart, just moved down and to the left).
  2. The white light to the top right of the center is also off-centered in relation to the black panel. Again, leave it if you prefer it that way, but I would prefer if it was lined up with the bottom left corner of the triangular panel.

Other than those two slight offsets, it looks good! The wings and antenna are my personal favorites!

Side note: Perhaps make the center sphere white instead of grey, that would bring out the orange contrast some more.

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Its my opinion but i like it more the way he made them off center, it gives me a feeling like someone made it whit the resources he had

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Is this done using Blender or using the Roblox Studio CSG method.

i made it completely in roblox I think I ended up trashing it cause I didn’t like it but I’m not sure.

It looked pretty good :sad: RIP to the ball robot

idk there was something about it that seemed off to me and I didn’t know how to fix it

Also if you have seen my sci-fi turret and fence ima update them soon to make them better!