Sci Fi Showcase Update!

Howdy :cowboy_hat_face:
It’s ok for now, but I might improve the garden area, with the robot. I ranked up in RAR with this build, and I’m happy with it! I’m now an extraordinary member. :slight_smile:

The link if you wanna check it out :kissing:
Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 6.34.04 PM|690x399


looks amazing! I can’t wait to see the finished product! :slight_smile:

Looks absolutely incredible, keep it up!

looks beautiful ! keep the hard work up!

The pictures don’t do the game enough justice, I highly suggest everyone who views this visits it.
The hallway coming from the spawn is stunning. Overall, its amazing.

Do you plan on expanding it or is this the final product?

Looks amazing. It’s very aesthetic and very unique. I’ve seen other models outside of Roblox, but this one is the best one i’ve seen on Roblox. Kepp up the good work man.

I just visited the game. There is a lot more then what is shown above and it’s really amazing. I can’t wait to see more updates on this showcase (if you are planning to) because this is really stunning. I love the sound effects and how smoothly the door could close and open with a click of a button. Really beautiful and amazing!

Expanding. I want the showcase to be a bit larger and more unique. A lot of the sci fi showcases are beautiful yet normally only a hall way. I want to go way beyond that limit, so expect more to come :slight_smile:

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Thanks, by the way your GFX is awesome I literally could never make something like that, I need to stick to building lol :joy:

Thanks, for making GFX you need buildings so you’re basically a part of it already :slight_smile:. If you start from building, it’s much easier to make Graphics than to start from scratch like I did. Good luck anyway :smiley: