SCI - Pathos III Game Guidelines

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SCI - Pathos III Game Guidelines

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Last Updated: April 7, 2024
Managed by the Pathos Community Staff

Want to appeal a game ban or report a player?
DM ModMail#5460, nicknamed “DM for Support” on our Communications Server.

The following actions are prohibited within any and all Pathos Roblox games.
Punishments shall be issued by the Pathos Community Staff.
Information is subject to change without notice.

“Terms of Use” Violation

Defined as: the action of violating Roblox’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service in-game.

The Roblox Terms of Service & Community Standards are the supreme rules that all Roblox players must abide by and should be familiar with. Violations of this include but are not limited to child endagerment, terrorism, bullying, harassment, depictions of suicide and self injury, discrimination, sexual content, illegal activities, and profanity.


Defined as: the use of any external script or program to exploit the site and to create an unenjoyable environment.

Assisting an Exploiter

Defined as: engaging with an exploiter in any way that may disturb gameplay, create an unenjoyable environment, or promote unfair advantages.

Toxicity; Harassment

Defined as: harassing or acting in hostility towards another individual(s) in-game either physically or verbally. This may either be identified through clear harassment, or by the victim(s) finding discomfort in the attacker’s intentional or unintentional actions.

Avoiding Punishment; Lying

Defined as: lying to another player, community member, or Community Staff member with the intent to deceive and avoid punishment for known wrongdoing. When caught, the punishment duration will be doubled. We encourage our community members to be truthful in their speech, and remain accountable for their actions so they may learn from their mistakes.

Chat Bypassing

Defined as: the intentional act of changing the spelling of a word(s) that would otherwise be moderated by the Roblox chat filter and broadcasting inappropriate content to other players.
If a player is being wrongfully moderated by the chat filter, modifying the spelling of the word(s) in question is not considered bypassing. However, bypassing content such as racial slurs shall not be tolerated.

AFK Farming

Defined as: going AFK for >10 minutes in a public or private server to illegitmately gain credits.

Evading Solitary Confinement

Defined as: as a Class-D, intentionally leaving the game or other similar actions to avoid being put in solitary confinement. This does not include leaving the game or switching teams after put in solitary confinement, which is permitted.

Bug Abuse

Defined as: taking advantage of development faults, oversights, or unintended functions that may exist within our experiences to create an unfair gameplay advantage. Offenders will first be warned to correct their behavior, then banned for repeat offenses.


Defined as: taking advantage of faults in the Roblox game physics to gain an unfair gameplay advantage. In most scenarios this is a “Roblox problem” and not something our development team can fix. Examples include, but are not limited to: clipping through a wall, speed glitching, etc.

Disrupting an Event

Defined as: terminating, obstructing, or otherwise disrupting checkups, diplomatic escorts, ethics interviews, other civil events; this also includes the scientist conducting the test, spectators, and/or Class-Ds involved in a test once it is in/outside the testing chamber.

Spawnkilling; Killing on Sight/Random Killing

Spawn Killing is defined as: the action of continually terminating an individual within their spawn, or within an immediate time after they have left their spawn area.
Killing on Sight (KoS) is defined as: continually and immediately terminating a specific individual repeatedly when sighted by the offender with the unintentional or intentional negative intent to disrupt another’s gameplay experience.


  • The intention of the offender shall be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • All violations of the Roblox Terms of Use shall be reported to the Roblox Safety Team.
  • The following actions may or may not also constitute a game punishment (when required by Roblox or determined by the Pathos Community Staff).
    • Foundation Blacklist;
    • Department exile;
    • Community server ban;
    • Harmful/illegal activity on a third-party platform; refer to Roblox Community Standards.
  • If/when determined by the Pathos Community Staff, game offenders may also be removed from our online community server(s).