Scissors weapon class: Fishing for ideas on abilities

My game, an action adventure RPG sort of thing, has a scissors class. The basic premise is that it’s hard to land hits with because it’s slow and awkward, but when mastered, can perform long, high damage combos. The purpose of this post is to ask you folks for ideas on what abilities would be fun for a giant pair of weaponized scissors.

What I’ve tried so far is movement speed buffs, but that direction has not been received well by testers.

Hey! I’ve been catching up on some anime recently and I have a few ideas for you:

  • Blinding move which basically flashes in a certain direction and blinds the opponent
  • Eraser move which helps prevent people from running away and brings them closer
  • Clubbing move using the handle that stuns rather than does damage

I’m not entirely sure what to compare a giant pair of weaponized scissors to in terms of combat because it wasn’t very specific; I would advise looking at greatsword attacks as they also tend to be slow and awkward. Movement speed isn’t the way to go because it’s more like running up to someone with a clearly heavy object that does a lot of damage. I feel that if you’re going for said long, high damage combos, you should be aiming to slow down opponents or making it harder to escape rather than boosting your own movement speed. Best of luck!

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@ernakou Perhaps make a “lasso” move where the player throws the loop of the scissors over the other, bringing the player closer.

how about an attack that is basically just scissors in front of you. it could be a weaker move that would be slightly easier to hit