Scoop'd Version 2: Development Logs

Scoop’d Version 2: Development Logs

Last edited: July 28th 2022

:warning: These logs may not always be up-to-date.

Below are the latest update logs for Scoop’d Version 2. If you have any problems, please shoot a message to @Vereutos on Twitter.

How can I identify the current version?
The first number indicates the major release version. For example, Version 1.3.23
The second number indicates new updates like items/areas/gamepasses. For example, Version 1.3.23.
The third number indicates bug fixes or minor changes. For example, Version 1.3.23.

Version 2.1.0

• Added ordering NPCS
• Claiming registers
• Added outdoor seating area
• Other building updates
• Fixed staff information board
• Unable to claim register during open order fixed
• Unable to submit orders with no items fixed
• Rotate minigame fixed
• Add item fixed
• Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.0.2

• Fixed background music
• New minigame for making orders
• Rearranged session schedule & scooper activity boards
• Added more of the build to Low Performance Mode

Version 2.0.1

• Registers only work for Trainee+
• Unclaiming register fixed
• Trainee+ can work behind the counter
• Other minor bug fixes

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