Scorpion Evo 3D Models

Here are some models I made a little bit ago in Blender. Ported into studio and colored there.
The second version Evo is a custom “spec ops” variant I made just for fun.
On that version is a SilencerCo Osprey suppressor, gripstop, laser sight and CZ factory sights.

Always looking for any ideas or feedback for future revisions/versions.


Looks good and like the real thing well done keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Great work, couldn’t do better.


These look great! I just think you need to add some texture to the guns to make them look a bit more realistic.

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These look really good! How long has this taken you to make?

The base model took me most of my day (I was procrastinating a bit lol), the spec ops variant is similar in that regard