Scotty's Developments: Looking for skilled developers!

@CrispyBrix , @Samchan77, @ItsByskyWrecker. I thank the three of you for applying! Unfortunately, we will not be requiring your services at this time. I thank you for applying and hope you continue your careers in development!

Hello, Scotty!

I am interested in working for you. Here’s a portfolio.

Hey there, Rezault! Unfortunately, I don’t think we will be needing your services at this time. I thank you for applying and hope you continue developing!

Sound cool but, where can we contact you? There are no information about that…

Feel free to contact me on Discord, ScottyMcPiper#6981. I’ve added it to the post.

I might be interested in contributing to a project soon

I thank you for applying! However, your building style isn’t something we would generally have many applications for. I hope you continue to grow your skills in development!

Thank you!
I understand my building style isn’t to the taste of everyone, good luck with your studio.


Hey Scotty, I’d be interested to join your team as a UI Designer.

Here are some of my UI examples:

Summary – FPS game UI – Basketball UI Game – Game Intro – Random – Zombie Attack Commission Pt1 – Zombie Attack Commission Pt2 – Shop Showcase UI – Desktop UI (Discord/Chrome)

Some of these are quite old examples, so may not show off my current creativity & ability :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have some examples of more practical applications, some from a simulator, RPG, tycoon? More along the lines of a typical game?

I’m interested in the position please contact me on discord Jinx OG #7427

Hello, scotty I am still intrested.

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I’m loving your city work on Criminality. I invite you to message me on Discord, my tag is in the original post. We can discuss further there!

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Haven’t participated in many projects, but I have found some more examples that I’ve done:


Please add me on Discord, I’d be very interested in working with you.

Here are games I have made . I have remade guest defense into a reskinned game with more updates and we are constantly updating it . I also have remade build to survive zombies and I am currently working on fixing the stamper tool so it works server sided but right now it works client sided . I also have released a guest quest remake that went into alpha testing and is closed at the moment!/about . Also have made other games that we closed due to the community not enjoying them

I thank you for applying. Unfortunately, this isn’t the type of work our team is looking for. I hope you continue you career in development!

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Love the way this is structured! It provides a nice platform for developers to engage in projects with each other with a variety of possible project choices. Surely worth a try!

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love the way this is worded scotty. Hopefully we can make something great.

Keep at it a great platform for developers to express themselves and find others as well.