Scotty's Developments: Looking for skilled developers!


Hey there, I’m ScottyMcPiper!

I’m a programmer and I’ve made multiple front page games in the past, such as Mob Miners, Balloon Simulator, and Zombie Sim. I’m actively recruiting advanced developers for my team, which currently consists of 40 skilled members. This team of people doesn’t work on a single project but is split into development groups, this is to increase efficiency and profitability and generally comprises of 4-5 members. As a project developer, you’d be given a percentage of game profits dependent upon your role.

Typical rates are as follows:

Builder: 20-25%
Modeler: 15-20%
Scripter: 30-35%
UI Designer: 8-10%

What’s also nice about this opportunity is you don’t have to work on any project. You’re on standby until a project comes up, then you can simply choose whether to take the project based on your availability and wants. Is this opportunity something you’d be interested in? More information about payment and projects will be provided to you by posting about your interest in the thread below (please have past work ready to present). If accepted you will be invited to our development hub Discord server. Best of luck to all who apply!

P.S. Preference is given to developers 16 and older.
My Discord is ScottyMcPiper#6981.


What kind of build style are you going for? This is interesting…

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Anything and everything of quality. Feel free to post your best work and a bit of info about yourself!


I’ve gotten a little bit rusty when it comes to building scenery, but as for building design I think I’m decently skilled. Is there a plan for an outdoor/indoor setting yet?


As you may have read, the projects vary, so just submit what you’re good at and I’ll tell you if there’s a spot on the team for it.

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You want me to submit it here?

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Yes, please feel free to do so.

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Hello, Scotty

I am NeverTrustBob I am interested in working on a project for you as you seem to have quite a few successful games under your belt.


I have been building since 2013 on Roblox Studio. Recently I just got into Blender and have been making 90% or more of my assets on Blender. I have worked for Base Wars in the 2016 Rework project that they have now reworked since then.

Criminality (2019)

Base Wars Rework 2016

LowPoly Showcase

Old Warclan Sci-Fi

Regards, Bob


I’m interested.


Eh, I’ll give it a shot.

Portfolio: [PORTFOLIO] Chemicalex - Scripting, Building, Graphic Design/Gui Design, AND Character Art!

Obviously I mainly focus on scripting, but UI and maybe building are also potential qualities.


Hey, I’m very interested in bringing you on. Please message me on Discord, ScottyMcPiper#6981.


Hey, I’m very interested in bringing you on. Please message me on Discord, ScottyMcPiper#6981.


I am interested and no harm in applying. I mainly build but I can do some modeling depending on what you need.


Hmm, interesting.

This is my portfolio.


I am really interested.
Here are some of my works.



Screenshot_702 Screenshot_703 Screenshot_705 Screenshot_706

Here are games I’ve worked on


@CrispyBrix , @Samchan77, @ItsByskyWrecker. I thank the three of you for applying! Unfortunately, we will not be requiring your services at this time. I thank you for applying and hope you continue your careers in development!


Hello, Scotty!

I am interested in working for you. Here’s a portfolio.


Hey there, Rezault! Unfortunately, I don’t think we will be needing your services at this time. I thank you for applying and hope you continue developing!


Sound cool but, where can we contact you? There are no information about that…


Feel free to contact me on Discord, ScottyMcPiper#6981. I’ve added it to the post.