SCP-173 Model (SCP: Blackout)

Heavily inspired by Fragmented Mind’s SCP-173 with my own touch.



I love the lighting in this, It just brings out the texture and detail of this even more :heart:


Looks great! One small issue I have though is that the limbs look too uniform, might be better if it was more uneven like the rib-like bits do.


Look great but it don’t really look like SCP-173. It mostly look like a skeleton.

Wow that model is very well made and very scary :scream:

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SCP-173’s appearance is very subjective and has no canonical appearance mainly because the original design is copyrighted; this is why a bunch of SCP games have their own SCP-173 designs which they need to have if they wanna have paid stuff in their game.

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Not my favorite look on 173 but thats truly the creepiest!

One other thing, what did you texture it with?

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