SCP-173 Model using Blender

Hello anthropromorphic organisms, i have created yet another model in Blender.
This time, i created a SCP-173 design that looks like an actual ribcage with multiple eyes and a huge grin.


The texturing may look bad, this is because this is my second time i ever textured a model like this.

Is this a W? I need feedback so i can use them in my newer models.


Pretty nice! You could model some eyes instead of texturing them, but the rest is great! Reminds me of the Secret Lab SCP-173. :+1:


I did not expect to see this, this is horrifying.

But hey, if that’s what your going for then it looks great

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The effort is absoloutly amazing! Can’t say so about creepiness as well its a ban! No pun intended.

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