SCP 217 Game - Common Creations License

Last updated: March 28th 2020


With this post, any references to:

  1. “You” (and any second-person markers)
  2. “CC-BY-SA 3.0”
  3. SCP Property

refer to (respectively)

  1. The end user for all the games mentioned in the Incidence Section
  2. The Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license developed by Creative Commons
  3. Any assets, ideas and or concepts directly related to the SCP Foundation, provided by the SCP Wiki regardless of their nature


This post refers to any games related to the SCP Foundation and its associated genre owned by the following Roblox groups/users

General Statements

  1. SCP Property is the intellectual of their rightful creators
  2. Any item considered to be SCP Property (or a variation of it) is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 with broad attribution here to their creators within Attribution Section of this post.
  3. The entities listed in “Incidence” are not endorsed by the SCP Wiki nor the original creators of any SCP Property. All work is based off SCP Property but modified by the respective entity listed in “Incidence”.
  4. By playing our games all our assets are automatically downloaded to your local machine by Roblox. You may use assets that pertain to SCP Property as long as you provide attribution to both us (Respective Entity) and the Original Creator. By using said assets. you agree to license any derivatives you create under CC-BY-SA 3.0. You may NOT use any assets the dont pertain to SCP Property.
  5. Anything that would, under Roblox’s Terms Of Service be deemed to be owned by one of the Entities listed in “Incidence” of this post and is not considered SCP Property (“Copyrighted Property”) is not affected by this post.
  6. Copyrighted property is proprietary in nature and cannot be distributed without explicit written permission from their respective owners, specifically, the second entity listed in “Incidence”.
  7. Roblox Corporation and the Roblox Platform are not related in any way to this post and any licensing referred within it.

Specific Attribution

  • The “SCP-217” game and its basic design is based on the work “SCP-217” (licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0) by {Dr Gears}

(Offsite links are requesting to be posted for further attribution)

Further Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding this post and how it may affect you. please message eletrowiz.

NB: Any SCP Wiki Licensing Staff that come across this post and have any problem with it please message me immediately so to solve any possible conflicts. This was written in accordance with CC-BY-SA 3.0 and the SCP Wiki’s Licensing Guide. Used this template that several other posts have.

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