SCP: Area-02 Update 4.2 Notes

SCP: Area-02 Update 4.2 Developer Log

Hello! This update for SCP: Area-02 includes the following:

  • New MTF morphs
  • New task force Epsilon-9 with Flamethrowers
  • Free MTF Nu-7 for SD level 15+
  • RRT → Alpha-1, with new uniforms, a shield and an O5 tracker tool
  • Gun system improvements (Much better for first person and smoother ADS)
  • Gun stat complete overhaul
  • Signage to navigate easier
  • New checkpoints
  • Rescripted SCP-096
  • Handcuff revamp
  • RP staff commands
  • Auditorium
  • Lots of bug fixes

Game Link: SCP: Area - 02 - Roblox