SCP Area 09-X: Game Guide

Area 09-X: Official Guide

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Class-D: Site inmates and test subjects. Cooperate with the Foundation to be tested on SCPs, or attempt to escape and work with hostile forces to fight against the Foundation.

Emergent Threat Tactical Response Authority: The ETTRA, is the first and last line of defense against world-ending threats, often acting to prevent, and contain End-of the-World scenarios. They think of every possible way the world can end, to ensure any threat can’t beat the Foundation to thinking of it first. The ETTRA have more soldiers, weaponry, and equipment than all the Mobile Task Forces combined, even while maintaining such a covert status, not even other sites know of its existence.

Security Department: Security personnel who work for the Foundation. Protect essential Foundation personnel and defend the site from external forces.

Scientific Department: Research personnel who work for the Foundation. Test on SCPs by bringing Class-Ds from their cells to an SCP’s containment chamber.

Mobile Task Force: Elite combative personnel tasked with single objectives specializing in different fields of tactics to respond to specific threats.

Chaos Insurgency: Archenemy of the Foundation. Breach SCPs, help Class-Ds escape and fight back, causing as much chaos as possible.

Rapid Response Team: Elite combative personnel who work for the Foundation. Be the first to respond to riots and containment breaches, utilizing special gear and powerful weapons that give you an edge in any engagement.

Intelligence Agency: Intelligence agents specializing in deep-undercover work to track, locate and detain threats to the Foundation and obtaining knowledge of SCP’s, persons of interest and more, that may show value to the Foundation, or require immediate “termination”.

Internal Security Department: Counterpart to the Intelligence Agency, the ISD focus’ on internal matters, filtering potential traitors, threats that stem from within, and maintaining security in Foundation matters.

O5 Council: The Foundation’s “Overseeing Court/Council”. Department-specific overseers tasked with running their own department, while forming a council that will shape the future of the Foundation. One of █████████ █████ █████████████, aside ███████████████ within the ███████████████.

SCP: An anomalous entity. Their motivations and actions are largely dependent on what type of SCP they are, ranging from friendly to a world-ending individual.

Development Credit

Game Developers:

uhitselijah - Game Creator & Designer, Acting Lead Developer & Head Designer.
FinleyFraser12345 - Former Assistant Project Supervisor, Scripter.
fedja20010 - Former Head of Development Planning, Asset Creator.

Interested in contributing or developing for Galaxy’ Productions or Area 09-X? Contact uhitselijah via Roblox PM’s or add uhitselijah on Discord.


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