SCP Class-D cell type thing


could I have some feedback on my SCP thing:

Please give me feedback

Thanks, have a good day.

Bye! :wave: :wave:

Looks a bit off because I used snip tool, that is not very good.

One last thing, don’t hate on my builds. I am trying to build a scp game right now as my main focus.


I believe you’ve just started on it, looks quite good so far, obviously the walls will need more detail and lighting adjustments in the future. If you need any ideas of inspiration, here’s an example you could follow with your current work (not mine):

I’ve also noticed you’re using an extremely low Increment, which will make it harder for you to make parts even; 0.25/0.10 works perfectly for me!
There isn’t much feedback to give on a simple wall, but I hope to see more progress in the near future. :sun_with_face:


Okay, I think this feedback is really helpful (mostly the increment one)

I really appreciate the feedback,


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In my opinion, i like more the way OP did the walls.