SCP Demonstrations VERISIMILITUDE Changelog

This changelog contains every major update log for SCPDV. If you noticed there was an update, but don’t know what was added, check here! Every new update will be added to this bulletin board.

You can play the game here.
You can join the group here.


5.0.0 {June 15, 2021}
  • Added SCP-096!

  • Added VR Support (Powered by Nexus VR)

    • VR is early access. Expect a lot of bugs.
  • Completely new Donation Leaderboard

    • Donations are now products instead of gamepasses, and there is now a leaderboard displaying top donors.
  • Moved SCP-999’s door button

  • Numerous bug fixes

  • SCP Demonstrations Reborn is now permanently closed. Joining it will immediately teleport you to SCP Demonstrations Verisimilitude.

4.0.0 {June 3, 2021}

Grand Re-Opening of SCPDV!

  • Switched from Future lighting to Shadowmap.
    • This move has eliminated virtually all lag from the game.
    • Future lighting may be added back when Roblox’s engine is able to handle it.
  • Completely revamped the map to be a mix between lore realism and user friendly
  • Removed Gate A and Gate B
    • The spawn room is now located inside of the facility and has been rebuilt.
  • Added more donation options (Benefits will come in the future)
  • Bug fixes

Stay tuned for weekly updates. Have fun and welcome back to SCP Demonstrations!

3.0.0 {Feb. 24, 2021}
  • Added Anti-Lag button
    • This button will disable all shadows. This will increase your performance by a good margin but will severely downgrade your visual experience.
    • This works very well in buying frames by combining it with turning down the standard Roblox quality settings.
  • Bug fixes

We will be working on a more integrated system for quality settings and reducing lag soon. As of right now, Anti-Lag cannot be disabled after being turned on, unless the user rejoins the game.
Remember to keep giving us constructive suggestions for the game through the feedback panel ingame!

2.0.0 {Feb. 13, 2021}
  • MOBILE & CONSOLE SUPPORT! :partying_face: ~ Courtesy of iAmMew24!
  • Game is now in Beta!
  • Added SCP-999
  • Added SCP-409
  • Occasional ambient noises
  • Fixed a few overlapping textures
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Removed “Admin” team
  • New advertisements (Will be turned on shortly after release)
  • Added a Staff Office
  • Extra admin-only commands

{Next update will either be the 15th or the 20th/21st}


1.0.0 {Feb. 7, 2021}
  • Release date!

Only two SCPs exist in the game, and there are still lots of bugs to be fixed.