SCP Developer Team Recruiting

SCP Developer Team Recruiting
We are looking for developers for an SCP project, we mainly focus on the details, and the performance, you do not have to necessarily be a professional developer but have experience in it.


luvarion=Builder, Programmer.
DeveloperError=Builder, Programmer.

About Pay
The pay is going to be flexible, it also depends on your performance, detail, and experience what you are paid, but it is debatable.

Thank You For Reading! :grinning:

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This thread heavily lacks information of any kind. No one knows what they’re getting into aside from an “SCP” project and you don’t seem to know specifically what you want. I would personally suggest a design document or some kind of explanation as to what the project is about and a rough list of what it is that you’re looking for on this project.

On the topic of lack of information though, you don’t specify what developers you’re looking for. Do you need a programmer, a builder, a graphic designer, maybe all roles or maybe less? What are you expecting from the members of your development team to contribute towards?

I would honestly recommend that you use the recruitment template if you aren’t familiar with freehand creation of recruitment threads. This helps define your project, information, requests and requirements better. If you’re familiar with the creation of such threads or have a way to make the offer enticing, then by all means go right ahead.

Seems like you’ve got a few formatting issues going on as well.

This is not enough information. Flexible, negotiable and proportional pay is a great thing, but you don’t specify any values to work off of. What kind of pay are you looking to give developers? What are you willing to offer as compensation if your project doesn’t pull through, flops or doesn’t meet ends to pay for the development work done?

I encourage you to take a look around the collaboration category to get a sense of what you should include in your recruitment threads and revise it once you get that chance to look things over. The way this stands, it’s not a very enticing offer, let alone an attractive one.


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