SCP Door feedback needed

Hi there, I’d like feedback on my first SCP door. I know it’s nothing compared to others, but I tried. Thanks.


looks pretty good for a beginner// not too many parts!! you can add a bit extra detail to lower portion or a texture but thats up to you

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thanks for the feedback theres not too many parts but its my first model door

Doesn’t fit too well with the SCP style if I’m honest, this door looks more sci-fi rather than testing facility.
Edit: Here is a photo of the doors from the SCP foundation games.

I agree with you. Do I revamp it?


Looks pretty good. As someone said it doesn’t look identical to the actual SCP door so i recommend redoing it. Other then that it’s a nice well built door you got some talent in you.

Thanks. I might use this door in the future for some other game, but for my SCP game i will redesign it. You can also rate my hallways. (other post)

Looks great! Just a little more detail perhaps on the lower half and it is amazing.