SCP Door Script Not Working | NEED HELP!

Hello, I was making an SCP Door for my game, and I am unable to figure out why my script is not working. I tried to make my script simple and not complex, but it’s not working for some reason!

Image after me Triggering the prompt:
(Also In this picture it doesn’t show the prompt, idk why but my prompt keeps not working)

I’ve tried searching up multiple videos on youtube and cannot find a solution, if anyone could help me that would be fantastic!

Could you provide the script so then we could help you out?

@RemainingTissue Oh sorry, I forgot!

local Button = script.Parent.Button
local Frame = script.Parent.Frame
local Main = script.Parent.Main

Main.CanCollide = false
Main.Transparency = 1
Main.CanCollide = true
Main.Transparency = 0

This appears to work fine, I made no adjustments to the code.

Well it is not working for me. (Also the prompt keeps disappearing do you know how to fix that?

On the properties tab of the proximity tab, enable the requires line of sight boolean and you will be able to see the prompt from any direction.

It already was enabled, I don’t know what’s happening with it.

Could you show me the properties of your prompt?



Setting your prompt’s style to custom can cause it to disappear, refer back to setting it to default.

It was as default before.

I only just changed it.

Still isn’t working.

I don’t know why.

This appears to be something I can’t fix because I have no idea what is inside your game.

If none of the above works, maybe try inserting a new instance?

Alright. A new instance as a Proximity Prompt?

Yes, just as I had mentioned previously

It was working before, I don’t know why not now. Also the new one doesn’t work.

Yeah, I can’t help you anymore and I don’t think this is a scripting issue anymore as your code doesn’t seem to have any flaws besides the wait() function which is deprecated. Try putting this post onto the #help-and-feedback:game-design-support category.

About the prox prompt or the door in general?