SCP Evacuation: Open Source

This project is no longer being maintained.
If you’re looking for a better system, please use this
Warning: 99% of the scripts are spaghetti code
By the way, to whoever disliked the game, I don’t know what you were expecting from one of my open source games

Here are the appropriate links to edit the legacy version:

SCP: Evacuation (Open Source) - Roblox - Lobby (Start place)
SCP: Evacuation (Open Source) - Roblox - Area-534 Gamemode
SCP: Evacuation (Open Source) - Roblox - Main Game
Emergency Evacuation: Test Place - Roblox - Test Place

I hope that if somebody decides to continue this project, they improve it and make it better than I ever could.
This is the new version: [SCP] Emergency Evacuation - Indev Phase 1 - Roblox