SCP Facility Progress | Roblox Studio

Hey there,
I am making a game that is heavily inspired by the SCP Fandom.
This is what I have so far.


lovely keep iit up 10/10


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It honestly, looks great I really appreciate it, however for the laboratory maybe add some warning laboratory posters along with a bulletin board for design for the lab walls.
Maybe get rid of the green carpet, and try replacing it with yellow warning lines.

Overall, it’s good work, however, maybe try fixing some small details into it.

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Looks great, maybe change the shade of grey for the different aspects. For example, have the pillars all one color or the floor another, it looks a bit shallow with all the colors as one grey.

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Lab update.

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Love it! It adds more depth to it

Good work in the detail. Lighting needs work and the green mat doesn’t match the dark and grey vibe.

Good work nevertheless.

I’ve been a huge fanatic of the SCP genre on ROBLOX for about 5 years now. If I’m to be honest, I’d rate the overall theme and structure around a 4/10.


  • I’d start with creating hallway templates. For example, you would start with a plan of how the site will look like, which containment zones will be where, their shape, hallways, etc. I would start with making hallway segments first (Straight hallway 50 studs long, Left turn hallway 20 studs by 20 studs, Right turn hallway 20 studs by 20 studs).
    I would work on improving and finalizing more detail, depth, and components to these segments before working on rooms. It’ll give you a stronger sense of a consistent theme throughout the particular sector of the map.
  • If you use HCZ blast doors (First screenshot provided), make sure that their color schemes match the theme of that particular place of the site. In the first screenshot, the light gray stands out a little too much for me, and the orange pipes poke out very awkwardly.
  • Don’t stick with box rooms, try to be a little more unique with your ScD/MD labs. The circular rug in the middle of the room doesn’t fit the laboratory vibe, and the SCP logo in the corner doesn’t feel like it belongs there.

Overall, it’s a great start. Just keep working on the detail and improving it! Good luck and I hope you keep going with this. Always remember that the SCP genre is supposed to be scientific/semi-futuristic and horror based. Try to make it feel like that.