SCP / Facility Style Game Feedback

Feedback appreciated


The Game: SCP: Site Roleplay - Roblox

Note: the map is really messy while I work on it


I like this, were you perhaps inspired by ExecutiveFunds’ work on SCP:RP and Nova Corporation?

There’s definitely some room for improvement. The hallway is a bit too thin. This can cause camera mobility issues, especially when in combat, and just in general looks very claustrophobic and doesn’t do well by cluttering all the detail in the middle, the ceiling can be used as an example for this.

Another thing I’d recommend is a bit more decoration. This can be shelves, chairs, and anything you see fit for the style.

I’d also suggest a change-up in some areas when it relates to layout. Right now it’s very flat, and suffers from the average SCP experience of “hallway simulator”. Add some more variation in the walls. There can be some divots in walls where you’re able to see waiting rooms, perhaps camera rooms, or just further open spaces alongside the walls. Some changes in elevation can help too.

Using custom MaterialVariants can help with making the textures pop a lot more. I’d recommend using websites like for this. However, if you’re unable to pay for a subscription, getting a seamless texture from Google and running it through a NormalMap generator will also work.

I’ll use some of my previous work on an SCP facility to provide an example of what I mean, and what this can help you achieve.

In this screenshot you’re introduced to more open areas, some changes in decoration, changes in room sizing, custom materials.

I hope these suggestions help, good luck!


even though i hate the new textures, i like this hallway but it feels kinda empty. maybe try placing some boxes on the floor?

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The pictures look good. It feels fairly empty in the hallways though. You should add some stuff like decorations. Otherwise, nice job on this!

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Well… the details on walls and the texture are good but it feels empty…To improve try adding more details, use PBR-Materials instead of textures it’ll look better, and for the lightnings use Future Technology

Also for the doors / button try to detail more and same as the walls use PBR Materials

For the Corridor i’d recommend adding more details too, like Metal fence,Puddles,Dust Particles,boxes,lines on the floor and more just use your imagination

exept every missing details i like it too ! Keep training and you’ll be better man :wink: