SCP GFX Feedback


So i started making GFX’s for a while and i just wanted to know people’s opinion on this one. Tryed to make the lighting decent atleast.(Just by curiousity how much do you think it’s worth it in robux lol?)


This is awesome I love the lighting, ngl in my opinion I think its around 500 robux.

Composition and posing needs work. There should be another light for a rim light to outline the character so it’s not completely gone in the dark side. Make sure to always have a clear focal element in artwork. Make sure to look at references of gun poses to use when posing. The materials in the background also need variation and after that you need to add light to emphasize those details. Also, I would say around 500 robux.

In Robux, I think it would be about 100 or more maybe somewhere in the one hundred + because of darkness going behind the character but most of the artwork is fine just need to work on the lighting but more or less it’s great just turn down the red a bit and add like a light source where the red is coming from.
Be sure to add a watermark because it can easily be stolen, if you modelled the background or made the background scene it would be worth more if the lighting had an improvement but more or less it’s great.
I agree with @geedcat somewhere around 500 would be good.
And the posing make it look like the character is more alive because it looks like the character is just standing still, or if they are.

Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback! :grin:

Oh i almost forgot! Thanks for the tips! :smile:

The added watermark can easily be deleted or cropped. I reccomend watermarking everywhere on the picture.

Around 600-700 robux should be fine

Looks great! It would be cool if you added some monster in the darkness behind the solider (I think that’s a solider?) or something, I think that would look cool!

As for how much I think it’s worth in Robux, I think its gotta be somewhere around 800-1000.

Speaking of which, what do you guys think of selling these kinds of images/renders for real life money/robux as NFTs or such? Just a question.

Yea, maybe blur it a little so we can still see the GFX.

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Alright, I’ll do that now! Thanks for the tip anyways.

Content-wise, doesn’t really look like an SCP GFX at all, rather instead a generic sci-fi armed fighter. If you’re aiming to get into SCP GFX might be a good idea to actually show more than just a person with a gun, like an actual SCP or something of the sort.

Looks good though. A little too dark to see anything significant though.

I quite like it!
the few complains I got are the following :
kind of a basic pose
too dark to see the details
and the lighting. not bad in general. Just needs some tweaking.

How much its worth? 500-1,000R$.