SCP hallway Feedback

Feedback needed

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It’s good but too empty, you should add random objects like boxes, posters, maybe pipes along the wall… etc.


kinda feels flat and rigid in my opinion, needs some colour like an accent (coloured line on wall or something similar)

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Added a few more items such as pipes, barriers and an electric box.

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Feels barren but I like that. The barriers dimensions are not right, it looks odd. Those brick textures are very nice and fit in well, same with the floor. I like the transparency to also apply concrete texture to it, this is probably first build I seen that the new concrete actually looks good to build with. The subtle detailed are what makes the build feel more realistic.

Although, the three d text above the door does not look like it fits in. I think a textlabel on surfacegui or flat white text works better. Overall it is a good build and I would be immersed in it.